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SONE-108 NTR Intoxicated Subordinate Engaged in Infidelity Sex at Their Business Trip


Summary: Our organization has taken on a new member who is a graduate of a music college and is well brought up. My subordinates are ladylike and extremely neat. She is also incredibly beautiful. However, she seems to have a boyfriend… After hiring such a lovely employee, I decided to take her on a training trip to the local headquarters. She’s quite serious. After the training, I hosted a drinking party for the new employees. She apparently cannot drink alcohol, but she drank the drink in front of her without realizing that it was alcoholic. She is a mess. He arrives at the hotel where he is staying with his drunk lover in his arms, but due to a mistake in the arrangement, he finds himself in the same room. As a new subordinate. An intoxicated subordinate has a smooth face, a nice smell, beautiful white skin, and beautiful stockinged legs. Everything pleases me. Besides, she seemed to be weak under pressure, so I assumed she wouldn’t tell anyone… So I held out my hand. When you take it off, you’ll notice a whiter body and natural hair. Good. The friend who has a boyfriend is focused and pure. Of course, he was reluctant to have sex with me at first, but his reluctance faded with time. That’s true. It seems that having sex with me was quite pleasant. Boyfriend, I apologize for polluting your girlfriend’s heart. And I sincerely apologize for dirtying it with my dick.

Description: SONE-108 Room Sharing NTR: From morning to night, the new employee and her superior engaged in infidelity sex at their business trip destination, Kuroshima Rei.

Categories: Big tits, Cuckold, Hardcore, Nasty, OL, Solowork, English Subbed

Actress: Kuroshima Rei

Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

Date: March 22, 2024
Actors: Kuroshima Rei