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MIMK-149 Eng Sub High Quality Bras Gets NTR 20,000 Yen to Watch Masturbation


Summary: [First on FANZA’s Doujin Ranking! A live-action portrayal of a silly erotic doujin with excellent wordplay! Pico-tan appears to be always cheerful, but she is actually a sneaky professional. She’s a professional and you never see it on her face. Pico-tan has too much time on her hands until she meets her lover to go to Motsunabe, so she works hard at her job today. She starts watching masturbation with the tempting offer of “20,000 yen to watch masturbation”, but when she realises that the dick is too big to compare with her boyfriend’s, she starts blowing it herself! She gives in and inserts it, and her little pussy goes crazy over the shaft. That’s just her type! A working girl who loves high quality bras gets NTR’d and falls into a daze of orgasm!

Description: MIMK-149 Original work: Circle Fukurasuzume takes first place in the FANZA Doujin Ranking! Until a P-girl falls in love with a dick. A wicked woman licking an old man falls in love with a dick of her own kind.

Categories: Beautiful Girl, Big tits, Creampie, Cuckold, Original Collaboration, English Subbed

Actress: Takase Rina

Studio: MOODYZ

Date: April 13, 2024
Actors: Takase Rina